So just let me introduce myself…


I hate introductions.  I’m an introvert, so apparently I have a “rich inner life” that fails to emerge when I meet people and all the interesting stuff in my brain slides down the back of my throat instead of, you know, out into the world.  To quote Cookie Monster (who gave us such gems as “ahhhnomnomnomnomnom”):

“I am an enigma, wrapped inside mystery, coated with chocolate sprinkles.”

Maybe it’s because I’m a Scorpio.  Or maybe because I was brought up by really weird people (who wasn’t, amirite?).  Or because I live inside this weird bubble where myself and my Amazon of a toddler are vying for power, until Daddy comes home, at which point, everyone starts vying for snuggles, and I’m all


Anyway, I won’t attempt to tell you what this blog will be about, because just declaring my intentions makes me change my mind.  Moving in silence and whatnot.  Or maybe it sounds stupider when I put it out in the world than when it formed gloriously in my head.  Either way, I don’t think the blog as a whole hinges on my foresight or honesty this early in the game.  The people of the future who find this blog won’t be checking for the first post (thank God).  Hopefully, at some point (soon?) I will produce something of use, or at least of middling interest, that the Future People can enjoy around the fire with their offspring.


And maybe one day, my toddler will grow to be a mother herself, and she and my cute-ass grandkids can gather around their own fire, look upon this post and be like “Ahh, how quaint!  Grandma tried to have an online presence.”

Right now, I’m all about Creativity, The Artist’s Way, toddler-wrangling, cooking and baking with actual (wait for it) Butter, pottery and design.  And getting healthier.  And anime and Doctor Who.

But next week I might be on some other ish.  You’ve been warned.  And really, that’s half the battle.

And also, I have a potty mouth.  My bad.  Or alternatively:  Enjoy!!!



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